brianna bird

award-winning, full time portrait and wedding photographer

Brianna Bird

hey! that's me!


I'm sure it's obvious that I absolutely love my career. Here are a few of my other favorite things :

  • handwritten letters
  • my childhood photo albums
  • Wyoming
  • greenhouses
  • clients that become friends
  • anything lavender 
  • The Office (watched every episode at least 20 times. But, who hasn't?!)
  • Kentucky bourbon 
  • black dresses (seriously, my closet is FULL of them. I can't help myself.)

When I have a bit of free time, I'm likely buying candles, thank you cards, or cheese pizza. Probably all three.

I'm a huge travel junkie and though I love my Bluegrass state here in Kentucky, no other place in the world makes me feel as alive, captivated, and *small* like the mountains do. Be that the Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, Banff, or Yosemite. They all hold a piece of my heart. Let the adventures continue. 


Whether is wandering around the park or hiking up a mountain, count me in.

Out of every state I've traveled to, my absolute favorite is Wyoming.

Part of my heart is lost somewhere in the Teton Mountain Range.

Look it up and go! 

Photo from my trip to Grand Teton National Park, 2015